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How many Dimensions has the Space?

5D-KosmologieGeschrieben von admin Do, Mai 26, 2016 12:18:49
Open letter to Lee Smolin author of Trouble with Physics

Dear Sir,

concerning the debate about the number of dimensions of physical space, it's a good idea, rummaging again the old textbooks.

In Leipzig, where I studied from 1964 to 1970, the Theoretical Physics taught with a book by Landau & Lifshitz, translated into German by Gerhard Heber. Relativity can be found in 2nd volume of the 3rd German edition by the Akademie Verlag Berlin 1966.

I remember an episode from my student days. They did not want to teach us Relativity in Leipzig because it did not correspond to the tradition of this establishment. In Leipzig the analytical disciplines were settled, which also was indeed quite understandable, because of the proximity to large chemical industries. Finally, our students council prevailed that we were given a few hours Relativity. The real reason for the behavior of the university I understood much later.

This came back to me when I found my asides in the book from this period. I wondered about the §2 The Distance.
There the zero distance was actually discussed on 5 pages, but in the form
ds² = x² + y² + z² - c²t².

After that, I really felt that zero but is not zero and I could ds² really calculate with. I was already clear that this was a trick. However, I did not realize the meaning and together with the peculiar statement as to the denial of this theory I had not the courage to ask there. Finally, we had to deal with enough material. So I decided to set aside this problem for later. It took over decades, without that I could forget Einstein's theory. Only at the end of my professional life, due to my professional experience in the field of atomic spectroscopy, the non-numerical mathematics and computer science, I found back on the spectra of galaxies to Relativity. However, I had learned that I should never follow the suggestive arguments of another, but as a responsible citizen, as Immanuel Kant encouraged to think for themselves and as Karl Popper calls to falsify a theory by proving it a contradiction.

So I began to study the original literature. This is much more revealing than any textbook written later, because it shows the motivation and ideas that led to the formation of the theory. In addition, the obtained statements from that period are equally important. So if Einstein says: “Mathematics is the perfect way to carry yourself around by the nose.” - Then it crossed my mind the distance zero again.

The textbook concealed why the distance should be zero, and what are the consequences. It is preparing for the space-time, Minkowski introduced. A mathematical space consists of a tuple of independent features. This independence is given by the scalar product of the linear combinations of these features. In reality only distance and time is not independent of each other , which is why either the path or the time must be set to zero in order the requirement of the independence of space dimensions is met. That is the contradiction in theory, since time can not be zero because of the fundamental equation of energy and for the case that ds = 0, it is a static picture.

Thus, if the time should be perpendicular to the road, the car must be stopped, so that the criterion of space, the independence is satisfied of the space's dimensions. If you stop the time that goes technically only by a snapshot, so a photo can be drawn from reality. Consequently, the theory of relativity is a theory of images. So the distortion in the direction of movement and time are understandable. They have nothing to do with physics but with the mapping process.

Einstein said: “In this respect, the theorems of mathematics refer to reality, they are not sure, and so far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. Mathematical theories about reality are always unsecured - if they are secured, it is not the reality.” Why is that not taught?

If, as Einstein concluded from the Michelson-Morley experiment, light travels in space equal in all directions, the time may have no preferred direction, but must be a scalar. If it is a scalar, it can not be perpendicular to the road and when it can not be perpendicular to the road, there is no fourth dimension of space. The theory is based on a logical contradiction.
Einstein said: Since the mathematicians fell on relativity, I do not understand it myself. No one can understand the theory of relativity in this way. If one understands it as a theory of projection that looks quite different. For the photographic image, it is relatively irrelevant whether the observer moves to the object or the object to the observer. In reality, one must consider the energy balance. Because it makes a huge difference for Einstein's image 'train with platform' if the train has entered into the platform, or whether the platform has moved to the stationary train. Now in Relativity the perspective distortions of distance and time are understood which are physically unexplainable. It also explains why the theory of Relativity can explain all phenomena explained by classical physics, but fails to predict. You can not conclude securely from one image to the reality, but images can awaken illusions.

In his article On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies Einstein has spirit away the Faraday generator, the mechanism that drives galaxies, by Lorentz transformation into his youthful folly. Lorentz himself had warned him to let people believe that would be real. This made him a sorcerer's apprentice and the ghosts that he called, have left their traces to the Vatican and you can be sure that they supervising the theory, finally the sky has been for 2 millennia within the competence of the Catholic Church. Einstein's comment: If I had known the consequences, I would have become a watchmaker.

What did he written to Ehrenfest 1917 when he had invented the theory of general relativity, where he tied the gravity unnecessarily to a curved surface and not to the mass as Newton? "I have already committed a crime in the theory of gravitation, which puts me a little in danger of being interned in a madhouse." How he was right! Incidentally, mass spectrometers operate with electricity, I could convince myself as a student.

Well, he was celebrated for his theory of relativity, contrary to expectations, because it fits into the concept of the magic master Lemaître, who worked in the background. Einstein Conclusion: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, but in the universe, I am not quite sure”. Did he not confuse here stupid with mute (In German dumm with stumm.) because the people's protest was not heard there?

Now I ask, is it pure coincidence that the quotes suited so well to his activities? It is for me understandable that he has not felt comfortable with the glorification of his person. It certainly was not modesty, it was simply shame and he could not get out of the role. And that makes it easy for me to forgive him. He was used as a tool of politics. However, I am ashamed of my colleagues who have spoiled the healthy spirit of young but not yet judicious people and increasingly encouraged the society to pour money in absurd projects and to have them rewarded with Nobel Prizes for useless stuff, when we have to solve more important problems like our energy supply without further destruction of the environment in the future.

I remember the story of Hans Christian Andersen about The Emperor's new clothes. No one dared to tell loudly the truth, not to be considered stupid. So I take it upon myself to give the truth-loving fool. With the book The Trouble with Physics you have once opted for the truth. But the trouble with physics began in 1905 and reached its climax with the LIGO project. But do not worry, there are many physicists and engineers already working on a world model without Relativity on the basis of plasma physics, physics, corresponding to the state of matter in the cosmos. This also has the great advantage that you can test this theory in the laboratory.

With a friendly welcome yours Mathias Huefner

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