Gedanken zur modernen Physik und zum Plasmauniversum

Die moderne Physik verstrickt sich immer stärker in Widersprüche. Neben der Standardkosmologie hat sich ein neues Paradigma der Beschreibung der Kosmologie etabliert, die Plasmakosmologie oder das Elektrische Universum des Thunderbolts-Projekts.
Dieser Blog enthält Beiträge und Kommentare zu Artikeln aus dem Thunderbolts-Projekt und Reaktionen zur Thematik aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum.
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Reply to Dr. Netchitailo

5D-KosmologieGeschrieben von admin Sa, April 16, 2016 12:15:07

Dear Dr. Netchitailo

I have already been presented by different sides theories that I should inspect.
Now the inventor of a new theory is always the best judge of his own theory. Therefore, more appropriate for me not to judge foreign theories, but to write about it, what for me are the criteria for a good theory and you can then check to see if your theory meets these criteria and if not, what important reasons speak against.

What makes a good physical theory?

I hope that you find with these remarks enough stuff for stimulation and discussion. That said, it isn't my intention to make any critical comments about your theory, because I am concerned with more fundamental issues. In my personal experience, we need to discuss the question closely whether the gravitational possibly is a special expression of the electric forces in the cosmos and all previous efforts have gone in the wrong direction.
You will draw the right conclusions from my general observations themselves, or just lay it aside.

Best regards yours Mathias Hüfner

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